Richard Newton Ph.D., Project Mentor (2018)

Dr. Richard Newton was Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Elizabethtown College from 2014 to 2018. Dr. Newton supervised the initial SCARP (Summer Scholarship Creative Arts Research Projects Program) project to initiate the creation of the website. He offered courses on the New Testament, African American Religions, Islam, and Theories & Methods in Religious Studies. Dr. Newton is active in the academic blogosphere, curating the student- scholar magazine, Sowing the Seed: Fruitful Conversations on Religion, Culture, and Teaching as well as hosting his own podcast, Broadcast Seeding: Future Food for Thought

Carol Costa-Ouimet, Project Mentor (2016-2018)

Carol Costa-Ouimet '97 is currently the Administrative assistant to Modern Languages, History, and Religious Studies who graduated from Elizabethtown College with a bachelor's degree in Dual Elementary and Early Childhood with a minor in Computer Science. Carol helped with the migration of Dr. Puffenberger's artifacts onto Elizabethtown Collge's campus and their display in the academic building of Nicarry. Carol was one of the co-authors of the Mellon grant proposal, which provided the funding for the creation of the Digitial Humanities Hub and its website. 


Amal K. Ismail, Student Researcher (2018)

Amal Ismail '20 is a Biology student at Elizabethtown College who also has a minor in Interfaith Leadership Studies. Amal focused on researching the artifacts included on the website which consisted of writing descriptions as well as linking High Library sources and other external links that correlate to each artifact. Amal also found links to sacred texts to many of the artifacts which were one of her biggest interest and led her to this project. Amal is employed at Masonic Villages working in the healthcare field through an internship in biological sciences at Etown. Amal plans on pursuing higher education in the biological sciences but plans to incorporate her interfaith background and its ideas on diversity, inclusiveness, and connectedness in her future studies and eventual career.

Hannah G. Ciocco, Student Researcher (2018)

Hannah Ciocco '19 is a History student at Elizabethtown College with minors in Religious Studies and Art History. For this project, Hannah focused on the creation and development of the website, taking the photos of the artifacts, and the completion of the Dublin Core information. Hannah has also helped with the creation of the Digital Humanities Hub and continues to write blogs for the HUB website. Last year, Hannah received the summer enrichment grant through Elizabethtown College which allowed her to travel from Banff, Canada to Santa Fe, New Mexico visiting 9 museums along the way and recording her experiences in a blog that she created, titled "A College Student With A Case of Museum Wanderlust". During the fall semester of 2017, Hannah studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland, where her love for artifacts and history grew. Hannah hopes to use the skills she developed while working on this project in Graduate School to eventually become a museum curator/director.